Large Products Automatic Dispensers at Ambient Temperature

DF Italia DOORY columns are the perfect automatic dispensers for the sale and/or the collection of large products at ambient temperature. The dimensions of the compartments allow the dispenser to supply products that can’t be distributed with standard machines, like, for example, boxes of wine bottles, fruit and vegetables crates, bag-in-box, various boxes of products, etc.

DOORY columns are a modular system; therefore, they can be interconnected in order to create a big, single, supplying automatic system of products. They can be connected to a single master module, which manages payments and functions of all the columns connected to it.

Technical features:

  • Large products capacity

  • Possibility of sale with code for the collection of the booked product
  • Multiple payment system
  • Metal structure
  • GSM/e-mail – telemetry; Management software; WebApp for remote management

Some examples:

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