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The technological research of the Company is focused on solving problems related to the automatic dispensing of the products . This research and our long experience grown in projecting and building automatic dispensers, have been expressed in the production of distributors for big products, designed to provide the best solution both for today's needs but nonetheless to anticipate the needs of tomorrow. This automatic dispenser permits to store in its inside and to dispense a great range of products of significant dimensions. (max 350/450/H200)

Our motto is "closeness to the market!", which means: frequent contact with the customers and users, listening to their needs, promptness and efficiency in responding, flexibility and reliability in the planning and design, propositional creativity in the design solutions To create the best Product we must think as a manufacturer, i.e., that culture which dominates the technical know-how is so essential to guarantee the customer for reliability, simplicity and safety .

Dispensed products: pellets in bags from 5 up to 15 kg, pellets in box, firewood in bags, firewood in box, banded firewood, potatoes in bags.

Products can be dispensed: coal in bags or box, fruit bins up to 15 kg, all products packed in different boxes not dispensable by the classic vending machines.

Which are our customers : small medium and big producers, agricultural companies, automatic shops, convenient shops, service stations, great distributions and private investors.


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