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DF Italia's technological research is focused on solving problems related to the management of unpasteurized milk sales. This research has resulted in an elegant production of milk distributors designed to provide the best solution to all of today's needs as well as anticipate the needs of tomorrow. This presentation is our attempt to share the image of our careful work, which has materialized in a reliable product sparking great enthusiasm and interest.

Our milk distributors are the remarkable result of meticulous, precise work achieved thanks to a strategy based on the pursuit of full customer satisfaction while paying particular attention to health and hygiene, simple use and high quality, which we interpret as reliable performance and a long product life. Our growth is the result of constant detailed analysis of the market demands, continuously searching for new developments in materials and processes, a strategy which immediately revealed itself to be a winner on both the national and international levels. Our maxim is "closeness to the market!", which means: frequent contact with the customers and users listening to their needs promptness and efficiency in responding flexibility and reliability in the planning and design propositional creativity in the design solutions To create the best product you must think like the producers, i.e., that culture which dominates the technical know-how so essential in order to guarantee the customer reliability, simplicity and safety.





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